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River activity + Horse riding

The offer is reserved for small groups and families with children over 12.

Package starting from €110.

Equitazione in Valsesia

Let's ride

A two-hour experience which includes: a short briefing on safety and horse management, cleaning and the saddle, lesson in the field to learn the basics to conclude with a short walk around the equestrian centre.

Horseback riding

A two-hour horse ride along the Sesia river dedicated to amazons and expert riders at the three paces (>14 years old).

Attività fluviali

Attività fluviale

Scegli l'attività fluviale da abbinare che preferisci tra:

Rafting, Canyoning, Hydrospeed, Mini-raft

Se non sai cosa scegliere, non ti preoccupare, ti consiglieremo noi l'attività migliore per te!