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Monrosa Card discount

All participants will receive a free Monrosa Card which will entitle them to a 10% discount* on all future river activities with us.

*discounts cannot be combined with other promotions

The birthday boy gets off for free!

With a minimum of 7 companions, the birthday boy goes down for free:

  • on the birthday
  • the future husband/wife at the bachelor/bachelorette party  
  • the recent graduate celebrated by his friends  
  • the newly retired celebrated by his colleagues.

Discover the proposals

addii al celibato e feste 

Offerte rafting scuole 

Cral, speakers, gyms, associations

We will not fail to be sensitive, especially towards institutions that have little funds but want to give young people stimuli and motivation!

Contact us for group proposals!

Fire Brigade Discount

Rates reduced by 20% on all one-day activities for staff of the National Fire Brigade.

River Holidays

For those who have the opportunity to take a few more days off, a holiday (even a short one!) between sport and nature can be an important opportunity to dedicate some time to yourself, regenerate and get into the try experiencing moments of great satisfaction on the river.

River vacations

Activity packs

Combine two activities to enjoy a special discount reserved for you